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To recycle | recycling


Recycling is a postmodern, political correct hype.

I recycle, you recycle, we recycle, they recycle.


We recycle.

We recycle as us is told.

We recycle paper, plastic, glass, … you name it.

We recycle papers, ideas, … everything.


A continuous process of recycling without input of new elements,

leads to degeneration of the product.

This means less quality, less sustainability and

eventually a quicker recycling process.


We recycle as addicts.

We recycle towards our death.

We recycle our ideas and the ideas of others.

We recycle history and old ideologies.


A continuous process of recycling without input of original thoughts,

leads to a degeneration of philosophical-social thinking.

This means less quality, less sustainability and

eventually a quicker recycling process.


Nil novi sub sole.

Is there really nothing new under the sun?

Before history has been recycled, it repeats itself.

So why (not) recycle it?



The context changes over and over again.

The size of scale changes, it becomes bigger and more global everyday.


Technology changes: it becomes more refined and exact.

New technological inventions come in a fast tempo.

Technological progress promise us a better life for everyone.


Ideologies or philosophical theories become simpler and more compact.

New trends and hypes come in a fast tempo.

Ideological / Philosophical renewal isn’t on the daily agenda; recycling rules the ideological and philosophical thinking.

The ideology of recycling keeps on announcing the change for the better … for everyone or for the happy few?


And the art?

Art is there for everyone, at least in words … isn’t it?

Art is here today especially in – questioning – words … isn’t it?


Art has to deal with questions;

Art may give answers;

But for sure, with images, forms, visual impulses, … for everyone who’s is not (yet) ideological bound!

About us

" Cela est bien dit, mais il faut
   cultiver notre jardin"

Inspired by these beautiful minds :
Rover Thomas.jpg

Good question, merely a variation on the fundamental question in western philosophy: "Who are we?"
Well, since I fiercely trust that everything continuously moves and thus changes while staying the same, I can state that I'm stardust passing by, momentarily actualised in a solitary mushroom.

Who am I ?
          Every act of creation includes
an element of beauty - AH !
an element of wisdom - AHA !
and an element of humor - HAHA !

(A. Koestler)

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