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Education training

Getting people on board ...
Art and culture can contribute towards a higher participation rate in society.
Remember, everyone has the right to participate in the cultural live of a community, to enjoy art and the advance in science.

" Cela est bien dit,

     mais il faut

   cultiver notre jardin."

Democratic Heritage
"Lessens from the less heard" and "Democratic Heritage" are to project supported by Erasmus+, that focus on the role that culture and cultural activities can play in the integration of people with different backgrounds
or welcoming of new combers in Eu-countries.

Lessons from the less heard focus on the input of migrants and refugees in Europe.
Democratic Heritage focus on the role heritage site can play in this process.

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Kaartje bij aankoop boek Comapnionshipko

The secret companionship of the almost forgotten knowledge, is a project based n the installation created by Herwig Nulens. It’s extended towards an open search for the meaning and usefulness of analog knowledge in a world where algorithms are increasingly taking over from humans.

Every day the world is inundated with new knowledge, while a lot of old knowledge is in danger of being lost. Some old knowledge suddenly turns out to be useful again in times of corona because of its self-reliant content and associated skills. With this project we are looking for almost forgotten knowledge and skills that suddenly come in handy again in moments of relaxation, self-reflection and the urge for an authentic experience.

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Indoor and outdoor education for children and their companions.
Building the future via art, language and self-esteem.
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Education as you never experienced it before, but always were hoping it would happen ... Holoptic and experiental.
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