Art work by Herwig

Ongoing art projects
Ode to Candide
Il faut cultiver notre jardin
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In the name of ...
Herwig Nulens_My kingdom for a horse_2008.JPG
A Trojan Horse
Creation of nations ECR Herwig Nulens 2_edited.jpg
The thin white lines
How it all begun_1.jpg
The Battle of the Bottle
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Secret companionship
Landmarks & Questionmark
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Hardware & Stuff
The Paperwork
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Art Zapedzki
Hello there. Want to see more of my work?
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Being busy (3)

Detail Installatie Being busy, doing something close to nothing

Being busy (2)

Installatie Being busy ...

Trojan Horse_XS2_Stairway to heaven (3).
Trojan Horse_Stairway to heaven (5)

Trojan Horse_Stairway to Heaven

Trojan Horse_XS1_Stairway to heaven (4).
Goudenkalf bont en blauw_1_Herwig ulens
Figuur_1_Herwig Nulens
The world according to ...

Installation Odart

Angel of words_2_Herwig Nulens
Herwig Nulens_Human Rights_door Jan Leys

Human Rights in 2018 as presented in "Free State of Mind".

paard_deatail_door Lambert

A Trojan Horse of Religion as presented in Free State of Mind, 2018.

Hard times met ridder
Herwig Nulens_Hard Times_2018_door Jan L

You gave me Hard Times, as presented in Free State of mind, 2019.

Kinderstoel by Herwig Nulens voor Art27-20187

Playground of a little little rational monkey, as presented in "Ode an die Freude", 2017.

Herwig Nulens_suite voor de laatse mijn 2017 (7)
Koestering van het verleden
Herwig Nulens_Utopiart27 by Art27 (3)
Ainsi_09_dec_09 (2)
Herwig Nulens_Utopiart27 by Art27 (4)
Herwig Nulens_My kingdom for a horse_2008
Herwig Nulens_Schoppen Candide (3)
19_Maart_11 (3)
Herwig_Nulens (8)
Herwig Nulens_Hero (2)
Herwig Nulens_Hero (3)
Herwig Nulens_Art Defen(s)(c)e_Paddo 1
A good heart_foto Luc Meekers
Louteringsberg2_foto Lambert Reynders
aardappeleters C2C met tekstkopie
The making of coffee

Detail installation "Imagine coffee"