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Il faut cultiver ...

The Fundamentals of the artistic  work of Herwig Nulens, are based on the last words of the “Candide”, the antihero out Voltaire’s book “Candide or Optimism” (1759); old but also very actual:


« Excellently observed, » answered Candide, 

« but we must cultivate our garden. »


" Cela est bien dit," répondit Candide,

" mais il faut cultiver notre jardin."


" Dat hebt u voortreffelijk gezegd," antwoordde Candide, " maar laten we onze tuin bewerken."


The artist will no longer stay aside with political comments or philosophical reflections, although they have their value and place in the cultural (intellectual) society.

Nowadays, it’s more important to ask the right and fundamental questions, not only in the intellectual debates, but also with comprehensive images and in public.

The artwork is the question, a visual and materialized question, that asks for interaction with the public.


Herwig Nulens is founder of Art 27, an artistic organization that relates art and Human Rights. The name of Art 27 is derived from the 27th article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights :


“ Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of a community, to enjoy the arts and the benefits of science …”

" Cela est bien dit,

     mais il faut

   cultiver notre jardin."

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