Art work by Herwig

Ongoing art projects

Il faut cultiver notre jardin

An ongoing project focussing on the last words of "Candide".

In the name of ...

An ongoing project dealing with ideology, religion, myths and other fairy tales.

A Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse is an ungoing project on the desire of man to get fooled all the time.

The thin white lines

The thin white lines of innocence questions the innocence of a line or a border.

The Battle of the Bottle

Welcome to the "Fellowship of the battle of the bottle" - become a prospect.

Secret companionship

The secret companionship of the almost forgotten knowledge

Landmarks & Questionmark

Landmarks & Questionmarks is an ongoing project questioning the open | Landart

Hardware & Stuff

Useful or meaningful ?

Please, don't fence me in ...

Art Zapedzki

A virtual art-collective.

Miracles can only happen if you believe in them ...

Hello there. Want to see more of my work?
Check out just some of what I've been up to.
Being busy (3)

Detail Installatie Being busy, doing something close to nothing

Being busy (2)

Installatie Being busy ...

Trojan Horse_XS2_Stairway to heaven (3).

Trojan Horse_Stairway to heaven (5)

Trojan Horse_Stairway to Heaven

Trojan Horse_XS1_Stairway to heaven (4).

The making of coffee

Detail installation "Imagine coffee"

The world according to ...

Installation Odart

Herwig Nulens_Human Rights_door Jan Leys

Human Rights in 2018 as presented in "Free State of Mind".

paard_deatail_door Lambert

A Trojan Horse of Religion as presented in Free State of Mind, 2018.

Hard times met ridder

Herwig Nulens_Hard Times_2018_door Jan L

You gave me Hard Times, as presented in Free State of mind, 2019.


Kinderstoel by Herwig Nulens voor Art27-20187

Playground of a little little rational monkey, as presented in "Ode an die Freude", 2017.

Herwig Nulens_suite voor de laatse mijn 2017 (7)

Koestering van het verleden

Herwig Nulens_Utopiart27 by Art27 (3)

Ainsi_09_dec_09 (2)

Herwig Nulens_Utopiart27 by Art27 (4)

Herwig Nulens_My kingdom for a horse_2008

Herwig Nulens_Schoppen Candide (3)

19_Maart_11 (3)

Herwig_Nulens (8)

Herwig Nulens_Hero (2)

Herwig Nulens_Hero (3)

Herwig Nulens_Art Defen(s)(c)e_Paddo 1


A good heart_foto Luc Meekers

Louteringsberg2_foto Lambert Reynders

aardappeleters C2C met tekstkopie

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Being busy (3)

Detail Installatie Being busy, doing something close to nothing